" Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game"

One minute/ Anna Ragimov

I didn’t write for along time , and this is the most incredible thing that I wrote. Enjoy 

One minute .

Have you ever thought what one minute can do? 

I was walking down the street when I saw a blind man.

I asked myself – “what happened to him?” Was he involved in a car crash? Or was he born blind?I didn’t know the answer but what I knew was that if someone would give him one minute and try to understand why he is blind - try to help him - so someone should do that. 

In my life, one minute is important. One minute changed me. My cousin died after six minutes while the ambulance came at seven minutes. One minute changed everybody’s life. What would happen if the ambulance was there on time? 
Since his death I am trying to take that minute back. 
The reason that I want to be a doctor is to give that minute to someone else and to save someone’s life. I can’t see someone suffer. I can’t see people who can help but don’t do anything for others.

If you can do something good for mankind, you should. You’re not helping only to others, but you are also trying to help yourself – to clean your damaged soul.

Instead of chasing that minute that was lost, I want to give it back to someone who needs it. 

We need to use every minute that we have. Sometimes one minute can be good for us, but sometimes not. 
The time is G-d and we are the characters of the play, who are strong and capable of breaking rules wins. 

One minute can change everything.